New release: [BP061] Hardstroke - Zwicky Catalog

Hardstroke is a one-man band by Simon Johansson, based in Sweden. Started as a grunge band, and ended in a big mess of different genres. Zwicky Catalog is Hardstroke's second release for Bypass, it's all about passions for life, rhythms, and love of Swedish chiptunes influenced electronic music. [enter]

Review: Syndrôm – Nomades En No Man’s Land « Efescenmeyer's Blog

"There’s a lot of music on the web. There’s a lot of pretty good music on the web for free and then there’s something from a netlabel that is really really good. This Syndrom album Nomades En No Man’s Land is one of those." [more]

Review: Fescal | (by Tobias Fischer)

"The oeuvre of Fescal is an attempt of disproving the notion that instrumental music is by default incapable of delivering a message. Firmly rooted in deep ambient, atmospheric drones and darkly associative soundscapes, the project's first trio of releases doesn't require metaphorical spoken word contributions, pseudo-intellectual titles or liner notes to rise above the mere acoustic massage and, pure entertainment of most albums from the genre." [more]

Review: Fescal – Lethal Industry « Efescenmeyer's Blog

"This is a nice 8-track collection of probably loosely described ambient music. I think it would work really well around 3pm on a Sunny Saturday, and definetly with headphones.  Fescal does a pretty good job of combining drone with just enough melody to make it work right." [more]

New release: [BP060] Syndrôm - Nomades En No Man's Land

Syndrôm - the leader and founding man of Pavillon36 Recordings, who is actually one of the most active musicians in netaudio scene. In his latest album "Nomades En No Man's Land" Syndrôm offers us a wide variety of electronic music styles that spans from experimental IDM, Breakbeat to Dub and abstract Hip-hop. [enter]

New release: [BP059] Enko - Dush

Enko is a closed young artist live in the Ukrainian city of Sumy, also known as Artem or Enkolf Kitler. He began to release his music in 2008 at Ukrainian netlabels such as Qulture Production and NoiseworX Records. Enko's music spans many genres, from experimental drum n bass and idm to ambient and glitch. That "Dush" is Enko's fourth release for Bypass Netlabel.

New release: [BP058] Mel - Unguarded

The new production of Japanese artist Mel is called "Unguarded", a two tracks quiet and beautiful ambient but also IDM influenced album.

"Aogu Yoshida has begun to release that 'Mel' works after 'on_14' or 'ao'. He has had some previous released on experimental netlabels such as Test Tube and MiMi Records." Unguarded is Mel's third release for Bypass. [enter]

Review: Recent music heroes: Fescal Lethal Industry (Bypass)

Fescal´i debüütalbum "Lethal Industry" on üks hägune ja kummastav halo- ja hauntopiiridega teos, mille aluseks on avar hüpnootiline helipilt ja eksperimentalistlikud analüütilised ideed. [more]

New release: [BP057] Luís Antero - Sound Narratives, Vol. 4

This work contains pure field recordings. All recordings, by Luís Antero, take place in Açor Mountain (Portugal) between February and March 2009. [view more]

New release: [BP056] Fescal - Lethal Industry

Fescal is an artist who was born in Co.Durham, England, but now he lives and works in South Korea. Fescal was conceived [as in 'concept'] in a hotel lobby on Dec 6th 2009, at approximately 9 am. The Hotel Hilton acted as the trigger for a quick rêverie on the state of electronic music at the beginning of the 21st Century. [enter in]

Podcast: Bleepshow #475 - Bypass showcase

Bleepshow is a podcast of electronic music compiled, hosted and produced by Pete Cooper. It’s full of greatness, awesome and win. [click in]

Review: Recent music heroes: Cagey House B for Breakfast (Bypass)

Cagey House`i kulg - 5 lugu 14 minuti sees - on jätkuvalt mittetantsuline ja sämplikeskne - kummastavad miljööd, happelised sündipassaažid, spooky klaverimuusika, teatraalsed sopransämplid - mis kokkuvõttes justkui pärineks kusagilt kummitusooperist. Sametise interjööriga art house -muusika. Metafüüsiline noir. [more]

Review: noCo...mment: Cagey House :: b for breakfast

la légèreté d'être, d'entendre et probablement de voir aussi, à chaque nouvelle réalisation de Cagey House, Dave Keifer nous enchante, nous ravit et nous permet, encore et toujours, d'espèrer que le monde pourrait être ainsi fait. [view more]

New release: [BP055] Cagey House - B for Breakfast

Cagey House creates ethereal and energetic instrumental music. Cagey House music has been featured on over one hundred alternative-oriented music podcasts, and also used as background, bumper, and theme music on many other non-music-oriented shows. Have had a couple of net-releases through Nishi, Umor-rex, Dog Eared, bumpfoot, and a few other netlabels. [enter in]

Review: awx online » Float – The Healer (bp048)

Kol už lango viskas palengva bunda, pristatau garso takelį tam visam gamtos pabudimui – pernai rudenį Bypass netleible išleistą Float mini albumą The Healer. Float pseudonimu prisidengęs yra Belgrado abstrakčios muzikos scenos atstovas Vladimir Mihajlovic. [view more]

Review: Disquiet : Trinkets from a Dark Clinician (MP3s)

The 16 tracks that comprise The Coat Hanger Clinic, its title and content reportedly informed by a binge of Korean horror flicks, range from vocoded computer vocals to elegiac piano to 8-bit giddiness to abstract electronica to saccharine pop. Recorded by Cursed Chimera (aka Benatos Thompson, and formerly L.A.M.P.) [view more]

Review: Hardstroke – In Front Of The See Through Eye «

Merry Christmas! This release doesn’t at all sound like snow flakes or a silent night, but is a furiously vibrant example of a fusion of extremes. Rock guitars, electronic chord clouds, funky bass lines, disco-like beats seamlessly blend together to a very distinct listening experience which casts feelings of euphoria and nostalgia. But just listen yourself to some tracks of this exceptional Bypass netlabel release. [more]

New release: Cursed Chimera - The Coat Hanger Clinic [BP054]

Bypass is pleasure to present you the latest production from Cursed Chimera called The Coat Hanger Clinic, which contained 15 tracks with a full length album. By the way it's also the first FLAC format album provided by us, we hope you will enjoy it. [enter in]

Review: Olympic Smoker: Dark Humor and a Stubborn ’60s Romanticism : Far From Moscow

Related News: Beat Magazine issue 01|2010: V.A.: The Brainslug Paradox

"Der umtriebige Laridae- Labelkopf und photophob- Mastermind Herwig Holzmann hat sich für „The Brainslug Paradox“ etwas ganz Besonderes einfallen lassen: Als Sampler getarnt hat er alle zwölf Beiträge selbst eingespielt. Was wie ein großer Spaß klingt, ist genau das: Old-School-Electrorhythmen treffen auf pumpende Technobeats, und der Ambientsound der Neunziger wird auf kreativ-gekonnte Weise geklont. "

New release: Pharmakustik - Implantrobotik [BP053]

IMPLANTROBOTIK announces the newest perspectives of Pharmakustik implant-navigation by the use of robotic audiosystems, stereotactic technology and automation equipment. Pre-drilling rhythmic forces and fracture mechanics are combined with granulomateous voice-dissections within the field of uncompromising telemanipulation [enter]

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Thomas Down "The Value And Importance Of Sexual Affection" (Kreislauf)
V/A "Brainslug Paradox" (Bypass Netlabel)
V/A "Dead Simple: A tribute to Doom" (Mekkanikal)
V/A "Firewalk with me: A tribute to Twin Peaks" (Mekkanikal)
V/A "A tribute to John Carpenter" (Mekkanikal)

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Review: Recent music heroes: Enko Okne (Bypass)

Radio show: Randomform – Bypass Netlabel Showcase | n0theen

Randomform is a changing, shifting, multiple facet alias focused on structure and mechanical rhythms. Each track creates a image of moving pieces in a large structure that slowly changes form, becoming more and more complex or decomposing right before your eyes. [more on]

Broadcast Scheduling:
29.01.2010 16:00 – 18:00 CET (GMT/UTC +1)
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09.02.2010 02:00 – 04:00 CET (GMT/UTC +1)

New release: Enko - Okne [BP052]

Enko is a closed young artist live in the Ukrainian city of Sumy, also known as Artem or Enkolf Kitler. He creating his music under Propellerhead Reason with laptop, and his early creations was influenced by the famous Autechre. Enko's favorite thing is riding around on his bicycle. He is currently study in the Engineering Faculty of the Sumy State University.

"Okne" is Enko's third release on Bypass Netlabel.

Review: [BP047] Eskazed - Overload Reviewed by: Pete Woolley on Blacklash Magazine

"Over the current crop of French electro-purveyors – Feadz, Kavinsky and Teenage Bad Girl to name but three fancies - Eskazed is a current favourite. His debut, Overload, is a fantastic release that has seemingly fallen under the radar. Sourcing a wide range of influences, notably hip-hop and trip-hop abstractions, but also, as is evident on The Final Wish, there is a healthy appreciation of rock melodrama." [more]

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Sonicsquirrel’s Creative Commons Music Netlabel Moments 2009
Machtdose’s Creative Commons Music Netlabel Moments 2009
Mogwai’s Creative Commons Music Netlabel Moments 2009

New release - Hardstroke - In Front Of The See Through Eye [BP051]

Hardstroke is a one-man band, based in Sweden. Started as a grunge band, and ended in a big mess of different genres. Have had a couple of relseases before, at (Swe) and (Ru)

Podcast: monographic 041 | bypass | INQ Mag / Monographic Podcast | A Netaudio Resource

New release - ocp - Must [BP050]

For most netaudio lovers, ocp is not an unfamiliar name. After his many released out through various famous Portuguese netlabel such as Test Tube, MiMi Records, Enough Records and his own EdP Netlabel, he have finished his recent work "Must". Bypass is pleasure to present you ocp's latest release "Must" - an 5-tracks Gltich/Ambient EP.

New release - Eskazed - Overload [BP047]

This is Eskazed's first one net-label release. The album has been started to working at 2007. After a long time work it has finally been finished. Bypass is proud to persent you the "Overload" by Eskazed, an 10-tracks full album genres covered including Downtempo, Abstract hip-hop and Electro. Just listen and enjoy!

Review: Enko: Ukrainian Electronica from Dead-End Streets : Far From Moscow

"The new EP from Enko comes to us from Bypass Records, a fascinating netlabel based in Beijing. They have been responsible for a number of recordings made not only in Russia, but Ukraine, Moldova, and Latvia. This bold sense of sonic adventure, unlimited by language or political geography, has been nicely displayed on a map at the label’s website." [more]

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