Nomades En No Man's Land
Release notes:

Syndrôm - the leader and founding man of Pavillon36 Recordings, who is actually one of the most active musicians in netaudio scene. In his latest album "Nomades En No Man's Land" Syndrôm offers us a wide variety of electronic music styles that spans from experimental IDM, Breakbeat to Dub and abstract Hip-hop. Syndrôm says he began to produce the album at April of 2009 with a whole year to make it. I think that's one of the reason you will discover a 20-tracks high quality and complete album, with meticulous arranged and long time prepared.

After his Pavillon36 Recordings brought us almost a half-hundred IDM influenced releases. Bypass Netlabel is pleasure to present you Syndrôm himself's productions and also his second release for Bypass, the "Nomades En No Man's Land".


All tracks Written & Produced by Syndrôm. Except "La Dèche, Le Twist Et Le Reste": Originally Written by Hubert Félix Thiéfaine, Produced by Tony Carbonare, Remix & Additionnal production by Syndrôm. and "Jolie": Originally Written & Produced by Nina Kardec, Remix & Additionnal production by Syndrôm.

Mastered by ZhangJW.
Artwork by Eve Maillot. (http://tolliamev.blogspot.com)

Special thanks to: Electrobel community, Monoceros, Zhang, HFT, Nina Kardec, Eve, Max, Mo & all listeners.../...

About Syndrôm:

Syndrôm was Born in France in 1978. He starts to making music at the age of 10 with hip hop during 5 years. Then he turns in Art Rock/Altenative Rock before to discover electronic music in 1996. He makes his first electronic tracks 2 years later oriented in downtempo. Now he produces electronica/IDM & sometimes Breakcore/Drill & Bass. He also write a lot of poems/texts. He's also the founder and currently leader of Pavillon36 Recordings.

Contact: http://www.myspace.com/syndromsyndrom

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5.Step One
6.Dala Dala
Released: 22 May, 2010
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