Cursed Chimera
The Coat Hanger Clinic
Release notes:

"Wanting to create an album featuring an East meets West attitude without sounding like a hokey world Beat fusion album was not an easy task. I crafted some of these sounds in Ziko Iko Iko to mimic my emotions after watching a few South Korean horror films, the graphic and prolonged torture each character was going though captured my imagination. From pulling off nails and piano wires ripping the fingers off, I wondered what it would sound like to play the piano with just stubs to press the keys in. A chaotic mess I'm sure, but I crafted this album to not be a mess, to be a precise cut of Asian/Eastern music. Two Teeth In channels distorted rhythms of a futuristic street bazaar in a distopic Istanbul, with it's icy ambient synths cutting above the pounding street drums. Folding Hands calls to the forgotten temples an gods of Angkor Wat, glitch synths gibbering to a constant drum hoping for the rains to come and wash away the impurity of man. This has to be one of my favorite conceptual works and putting a lot of time and effort, three years to be exact, has tempered a new respect for music and cultures while holding fast to my own. I wish only to observe, not become these cultures. I find it more sincere and respectful to myself and the nature of man around me.

Thanks to Zhang and the entire Bypass team for making this happen. "

- Benatos

About Cursed Chimera:

Cursed Chimera is Benatos. Formerly L.A.M.P and currently throwing down Dubstep tracks fused with Industrial flavor and IDM sensibility. He has performed live in many cities in the Northwest, California and Colorado. Started as a solo performance project in 1999, he has expanded to doing soundtracks, sound design, net releases and djing live events. He is apart of Backwards Records HQ and Backwards Records NW. He is an integral part of HARSH/THREAT in Seattle and continues to expand his horizons in the music community.

Contact: http://www.myspace.com/cchimera


Written, Produced, Performed by Benatos Thompson. Arranged by ZhangJW, Benatos Thompson. Mastered by ZhangJW. Artwork by Kinle Wo.

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Released: 10 Mar, 2010
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