Lethal Industry
Release notes:

Knowingly realized with poor half technicians, with the full conscience to dirty the vision, with material picked up from the road, the internet and archives, Lethal Industry lives and represents a tarred but yet casual beatification. Hollow lived, outdate and undernourished, to recreate for not producing convenience in the vision while the fresh bitumen of the tonality penetrates in the garments of the unknown and foreign.

About Fescal:

Fescal is an artist who was born in Co.Durham, England, but now he lives and works in South Korea.

"After a night of heavy happy-go-lucky tea drinking, Fescal was conceived [as in 'concept'] in a field on Dec 6th 1066, at approximately 7am. The Mayberry fields acted as the trigger for a renascence on the state of electronic music at the beginning of the 21st Century. Through a series of unplanned events, woolgathering and ruminations, Fescal became the semblance for an 'apostate' perception of contemporary culture, dedicated to developing and sharing within a culture that is quickly becoming synonymous with 'pure entertainment'. Although not secretive, Fescal exists to catacomb - to shy away from the à la mode whilst attempting to engineer an über-conformist approach to cultural dissimilarity. So, for the time being and for all we know, one of these days he might surface as a reality show...

In the meantime, keep on cheering!"

행복하고 즐거웠던밤을보낸뒤 Fescal은2009년 12월 6일저녁 7시가 거의다된 시간에만들어졌습니다. 그힐튼호텔은 21세기의 일렉트로닉뮤직이재부활하는계기가 되었습니다. 계획되지않았던 공상등의 일련의 일들을 거치며 Fescal은 당대문화변형된 외형이 되었으며문화 안에서발전되고 나눠지고 전해지면서 순수한 재미와밀접해 졌습니다. 비록 비밀스럽진 않지만 Fescal은 문화적인차이에 도달하기 위해 조절되는 동안 깊숙한 동굴속에 숨겨져있습니다. 그래서 우리모두가 아는 것처럼오늘날중 하루 어느날 Fescal 갑자기 모습을 드러낼 지도몰라요. 그러니 계속 즐겨주세요!


"The share of our subservient illusions - the balance - and still run away the consistency of things, the pernicious perception of senses and ideas - Confusion - escape the unwelcome reality - rush over more - believe it - losing touch - believe - take a side road and sometimes abandon all control - Pragmatic and insightful. Fescal explores this portion of our glittering desires where are meshing delicate balance between benign outlook and terra incognita - a diffuse frontier bordering distant interlaced grating and sometimes a few slender dark laminars (aboon) - But stop ! Back to reality - a single moment - the thickness of our (precious?) evidences - a short moment but the matrix distorts again and not without a graceful agility - soon the contact will be broken, sailing on an uncertain surface, unless we still are not dockside - motionless traveler - a certainty ... In the meantime, keep on cheering !" says he somewhere." – Thierry Massard

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8.On Fire
Released: 05 Apr, 2010
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