Cagey House
B for Breakfast
Release notes:

Cagey House creates ethereal and energetic instrumental music. Cagey House music has been featured on over one hundred alternative-oriented music podcasts, and also used as background, bumper, and theme music on many other non-music-oriented shows. Have had a couple of net-releases through Nishi, Umor-rex, Dog Eared, bumpfoot, and a few other netlabels.

B for Breakfast is Cagey House's latest production. The album has varied between being kind of pop/rock-ish and instrumental experiments. All the tracks focused on melody and rhythm, but with lots of unexpected twists and turns, and with some dada-style vocal samples mutually interacting.


Written, Produced by Cagey House. Re-mastered by ZhangJW. Artwork by Kinle Wo.

Contact: http://www.myspace.com/cageyhouse

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1.Air Queen
Released: 21 Mar, 2010
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