About Bypass Netlabel

    Bypass Netlabel is an independent records net-label founded by audio engineer ZhangJW in 2008 and located in the Beijing city, China. Which intends to offer originality and art-forms of electronica music.

    By far Bypass got almost a half-hundred releases that genres and styles spans from Ambient, IDM, Experimental music to Chiptune, Trip-Hop and Field recordings. We respect all the artists who working seriously for free-music and new sound explorings.

    * If you got any confused for about "netlabel", that netlabel definition on wikipedia would going fast for letting you onto the boat.


Creative Commons

Music Submission

[We've temporarily stopped receiving new demos, sorry for that.]

If your interested to release your album on Bypass, check these guidelines or mean tip before you submit.

  • 1. We receive music submissions from anybody. But we release only original music that was never officially appeared on CD or any commercial digital sources.

    2. Before you decide to send your music submission to us, we highly suggest you go to take a listen of ours previous releases, try to find out what kind of music and quality is we usually release.

  • 3. Promote yourself as much as possible. Let us know where you from, some your previous releases, description for your productions or a biography text about you.

    4. Try to send the best quality recording you have. Generally it could be represented by formats 320 kbps MP3, q10.0 Ogg, lossless FLAC or WAV files.

  • 5. Please do not send your album if it already been released by other net-labels, there's no necessary to do a same releasing work for a same album.

  • 6. We release complete album only, or near finished product suchlike E.P. Don't submit any single track's submission to us, but except when sometimes a single track could be supposing as a whole album, for example: a full length Ambient album with just only track.

  • 7. We suggest artists submit your track files through some kind of file hosting website, such as "Sendspace.com" or " Yousendit.com", with a winzip or winrar packed pack that would be better. But don't submit any media file by e-mail attached.

  • 8. Please understand, we will must listen closely everything we got, but sometimes if your music doesn't fit for ours ear, you might probably got nothing to go back.

  • 9. We'll gladly to help you to do your tracks re-mastering work if them sounds not good enough (for free of course).

    10. If you had a paypal account and you like to receive donations from peoples, also let us know.

Submitting your materials to bypasslabel (at) gmail.com or with any questions.

Additional Informations

    Bypass Netlabel does not participated in last.fm's royalties scheme, which mean is we will not takes money from our releases which those albums are hosted on last.fm, nor any other where.

    Ours new website is hosted by DreamHost in CA, U.S.

Old site

    Just for remembering.

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