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Artist: Eskazed
Title: Overload
Cat#: BP047
Date of release: 22 Oct, 2009
Styles: Downtempo, Electro, Abstract Hip-hop
Format: File, MP3, 320 kbps


01 - The Black Sheep Revisited (3:10) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
02 - Seethe (5:05) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
03 - Lonely Soul (5:42) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
04 - La Rime feat. K-Yen (2:37) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
05 - Between The Lines (4:19) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
06 - South Trainer (5:25) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
07 - No Time To Waste feat. Rivkah (5:27) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
08 - Alone In The Crowd (5:08) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
09 - The Final Wish feat. H.R.T (5:34) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
10 - The Blighter (6:31) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]


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This is Eskazed's first one net-label release. The album has been started to working at 2007. After a long time work it has finally been finished. Bypass is proud to persent you the "Overload" by Eskazed, an 10-tracks full album genres covered including Downtempo, Abstract hip-hop and Electro.

Eskazed is an electronic music artist from France. He was born in 1985 in Britany (France West Coast) but now he lives in Paris.

Eskazed starts to makes music at the age of 16, with many kinds of influences but particularly with Hip-hop and Electronic music pioneers suchlike the labels of Warp and Ninja Tune. He works as a Audio engineer with many bands of theirs living mix and working for the France national radio as a production. His music discovered a love for Abstract hip-hop, Trip-hop and DJ/cut-up, but recently he evolve with his new influences : hardcore and noise music.

He is also a founding members of the French band Yas & the Lightmotiv.

Contact: myspace.com/eskazed


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