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The actual Dynamic Range of this album is DR10.



Artist: macabro
Title: Never Again
Cat#: BP044
Date of release: 4 Sep, 2009
Styles: Ambient
Format: File, MP3, 320 kbps


01 - Far From Then (3:29) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
02 - Amanita (6:08) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
03 - The Rest Will Follow (3:22) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
04 - Unborn (5:40) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
05 - Untitled (11:29) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
06 - Three Years (2:56) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
07 - Whispers (3:39) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
08 - Insomniac (5:02) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
09 - One Day We Cried No More (5:52) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
10 - Iah (4:46) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
11 - See You (Never Again) (4:34)
[IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]


Neveragain_-_a_Cover_Front.jpg | Neveragain_-_b_Cover_Back.jpg

After his Drink To The Drowned Ones released on Bypass #BP021, macabro returns to Bypass with his new Never again.

On the new album "Never Again", macabro goes deeper in the concept of sound, making the work sound more detailed and powerful. Slow and hypnotising drones are mixed with intense synthesised melodies and rhythms, which creates a really pleasant atmosphere.

Biography of macabro:

An electronic project from Latvia founded in 2006.

As the time moved on the music has seen an evolution from harsher noisy sound to warm ambient atmospheres. Now he mainly experiments with drones and field recordings, along with using a huge variety of different sounds and self-made samples, such as bells, whistles, xylophones etc. The newer works might even be considered as guitar ambient, although guitar sound is fairly modified, sometimes to an unrecognizable degree.

Contact: http://www.last.fm/music/macabro


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