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Artist: Mel
Title: Noncompliance
Cat#: BP041
Date of release: 1 Aug, 2009
Styles: Ambient, IDM
Format: File, MP3, 320 kbps


01 - Intro (0:53) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
02 - Noncompliance (4:32) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
03 - Priming (3:40) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
04 - Molecular Clock (4:29) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
05 - Steady-State (4:31)
[IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]


Noncompliance_Frontcover.jpg | Noncompliance_Backcover.jpg

After his "Un" released on Bypass #18, Mel returns to Bypass with his new "Noncompliance". Actually I have tried to describing what my feels after i listend this album, but i think it just only one word - Beautiful.

Notes from Mel:

"Noncompliance" was produced in spring, 2009. "Intro" was recorded in a studio in June, 2009. Mel and friend "Junji" performed collaboration in a studio. Friend "Junji" plays the guitar in "Intro". The guitar sound of "Junji" is very unique.

All the tracks except "Intro" were produced by Mel alone. Mel produced ambient music characterized by a drone till now. However, in "Noncompliance", different approach is tried.

Please confirm the result with your ear.

Contact: www.myspace.com/melsound


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