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Artist: The O.P.
Title: Made In The USA
Cat#: BP040
Date of release: 24 Jul, 2009
Styles: Breakcore, IDM, Electronica
Format: File, MP3, 320k


01 - Made In The USA (Intro) (2:44) [MP3]
02 - Dust (full version) (6:29) [MP3]
03 - Something In Minor (part I) (5:20) [MP3]
04 - Something In Minor (part II) (5:57) [MP3]
05 - Nowhere Thoughts (part I) (5:04) [MP3]
06 - Nowhere Thoughts (part II) (4:33) [MP3]
07 - Crazy Trip (bonus track) (5:32)


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The O.P. is a project from Taganrog which has been created in 2002 and throughout several years was engaged in material working out in frivolous style. Further the group evolved towards the non-standard and weighted directions of electronic music, and now plays style which can be characterised, as Hard IDM, but with periodically emerging elements of noise, ambient, intelligent, breakcore, chillout etc.

Contact: www.myspace.com/idmtheop


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