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Artist: Luís Antero
Title: Watermill EP
Cat#: BP039
Date of release: 11 Jul, 2009
Styles: Non-Music, Field recording
Format: File, MP3, 320k


01 - Watermill 1 (08:00) [MP3]
02 - Watermill 2 (10:50) [MP3]
03 - Watermill 3 (15:48)


Watermill_EP_Frontcover.jpg | Watermill_EP_Backcover.jpg



All field recordings by Luís Antero


Watermill 1 | Quinta do Moinho, Oliveira do Hospital, Portugal
Watermill 2 | Quinta da Tapada, Seia, Portugal
Watermill 3 | Quinta da Moenda, Alvoco das Várzeas, Portugal


Mr. José, from Quinta do Moinho; Mrs. Isabel, from Quinta da Tapada; Mr. Hans & Mrs. Josephine, from Quinta da Moenda; Family (Bé, Isaac and Samuel) and Bypass Netlabel

This work contains pure field recordings.

Luís Antero / Bypass Netlabel 2009 | Under a Creative Commons License



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