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Artist: Cursed Chimera
Title: Glitch PATH
Cat#: BP031
Date of release: 05 May, 2009
Styles: IDM, Chiptune, Glitch
Format: File, MP3, 320 kbps


01 - Glitch PATH (3:56) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
02 - Taste of Failure (3:56) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
03 - Crotch Fires! (3:49) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
04 - Complain All We May (4:21) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
05 - Ultrashock (3:44) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
06 - Deathly Like Jazz (4:15) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
07 - Driver MicroNaughts (Album Mix) (4:38) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
08 - Heart Tugs (4:41) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
09 - Mozart Movements (4:33) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
10 - Tackfull BS (4:22) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
11 - The Pianois (3:50) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
12 - This One Time (3:46) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
13 - Tis The Fading of My Heart (4:12) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
14 - Filth is What You Made (4:11) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
15 - You're a Dream, I'm a Dream (4:12) [IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]
16 - Correction (4:37)
[IA] : [Sonicsquirrel]


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Cursed Chimera's Glitch PATH is one of his finest forrays into IDM to date. Composed during a time of great flux and much movement on his part, he found the time to compose one of the most deep sounding albums in his current catalog. Crotch Fires! could be featured on any Warp Records compilation as its eary square waves chill the air next to the cut'n'paste downtempo beat that breaks up any chance to maintain a constant flow on the dance floor. Deathly Like Jazz heads into the more noise/glitch side of the album as the driving Hardcore sound of Driver MicroNaughts pounds the PATH further into you skull. We settle back into the soft and hopeful This One Time and finish with Correction, which seems like a happy little bird safe in its nest. Do take this PATH as Cursed Chimera has found himself a new home in the arms of chaos and this will be the last pretty moment you will be hearing from him.


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