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Artist: Nick R 61
Title: "X"
Cat#: BP030
Date of release: 28 Apr, 2009
Styles: Chiptune, Experimental, IDM
Format: File, MP3, 320 kbps


01 - 108 (2:45) [MP3]
02 - IP I2-IV-I96I (6:10) [MP3]
03 - demobilEztn (2:04) [MP3]
04 - mobilEztn (3:19) [MP3]
05 - ASCII (3:18) [MP3]
06 - Evolution of phone (3:50) [MP3]
07 - P.S. (Plohaya svyaz') (1:07) [MP3]
08 - Prank (2:31)


Nick_R_61_-_X_Front.jpg | Nick_R_61_-_X_Back.jpg


Nick R 61 is a sound-artist and musician from Shakhty, Russia, working with 8-bit, Brokenbeat, Glitch, Noise, IDM and Experimental Music. Between 2008 and 2009 he start to release him works on many international netlabels such as Whispering, Qulture Production, Datenbits Recordings, Umpako.

"X" is a 8-track-EP concept album with low-bit sounds sample who like to reminisce the age of MS-DOS system. Genres covered about Chiptune, Experimental and IDM. Enjoy.

More tracks chek out on his Promo DJ Site: nickr61.pdj.ru


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