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Artist: Syndrôm
Title: Les Sombres Parfums
Cat#: BP027
Date of release: 16 Apr, 2009
Styles: IDM, Downtempo, Experimental
Format: File, MP3, 320 kbps
Artwork By: Kinle Wo


01 - Entre Deux Eaux (0:39) [MP3]
02 - Human Beings DataBase (9:20) [MP3]
03 - Midnight Driving (4:24) [MP3]
04 - Pressure Shake (3:11) [MP3]
05 - Vulgum Pecus (2:40) [MP3]
06 - A Lost Friend (1:36) [MP3]
07 - Le Chaudron Et La Sorcière (2:10)


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Syndrôm was Born in France in 1978. He starts to making music at the age of 10 with hip hop during 5 years. Then he turns in Art Rock/Altenative Rock before to discover electronic music in 1996. He makes his first electronic tracks 2 years later oriented in downtempo. Now he produces electronica/IDM & sometimes Breakcore/Drill & Bass. He also write a lot of poems/texts. In December 2007, he create his own netlabel called “Pavillon36 Recordings” to put his first demos online & to invite his friends to release their music.

“Les Sombres Parfums” refers to the city where he lives during 5 years, Grasse (the world capital of perfume) on the french riviera. Tipically a town for tourism, beautiful in appearence on summertime but stressful to live daily…


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