Artist: Enko
Aliases: Enkolf Kitler
Country: Ukraine



Enko - a creative pseudonym of the musician by name of Artem, known just as Enkolf Kitler.

The closed young man from the Ukrainian city of Sumy, writes music in Propellerhead Reason on the laptop. Special influence on creativity was rendered by group Autechre. The life way passes with the Sumy collective the Cold House. Artem likes to go for a drive on a bicycle, and at present studies at engineering faculty of the Sumy State Polytechnical university.

Recently music Enko becomes popular in Sumy to what numerous inscriptions «Enko» on all city testify. In this connection separate value has a firm logo in which the pseudonym of the actor is ciphered.


[BP042] Enko - Sister
[BP036] Enko - Posttok EP


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